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Workplace Mobbing & Bullying: Selected Books and Articles

Best Books

The best all-around English-language books covering workplace mobbing and workplace bullying are Mobbing: Emotional Abuse in the American Workplace and The Bully at Work. The Davenport book Mobbing draws upon the groundbreaking research and publications by Heinz Leymann, a native German and naturalized Swede who published mainly in Swedish and German. Leymann's publications are more theoretical and clinical in nature and Davenport's book, while including basic theory, is more of a self-help book. The Bully at Work includes theory about how and why bullying occurs, but this is also a self-help book for targets. While there are few books in English on mobbing as a distinct phenomenon, many books on bullying are available. Some are better than others and most are variations on the same theme.

A Few Major Resources

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