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Workplace Mobbing & Bullying: Selected Websites

They have been there

As you might expect, those who write books and articles about mobbing and bullying, and those who put up and maintain websites, have usually been targets of mobbing or bullying themselves. Professor Kenneth Westhues survived a mobbing campaign in the sociology department at Waterloo University. This led him to write and edit several books on mobbing published by the Edwin Mellen Press. Edwin Mellen was himself a mobbing target. Dr. Ruth Namie of the Workplace Bullying Institite was bullied by a supervisor and this led to her and her husband's passionate and enduring efforts against bullying. Anton Hout, creator of the Mobbing Canada website, describes the terror and dread he experienced in the workplace as a mobbing target. These ardent and expressive people let others know that they are not alone in their ordeal and that help and solace are available.

Mobbing and Bullying websites

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