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Globalization: Popular Articles (Magazine & Newspaper Articles)

Identifies resources for research on economic, environmental, political and social issues from a global perspective.

What are periodicals?

Periodicals, also known as serials, are publications with distinctive titles that are produced at regular or stated intervals with no determined publishing end date. 


  • Magazines
  • Journals
  • Newsletters
  • Newspapers

Why do I need periodical articles for my research?

Articles tend to be more narrowly focused than books and, of course, they can bring you up to date on your subject since a book is static once it is published. Magazine and newspaper articles written for the general public to inform, entertain, or persuade can often give the best look at the social and political issues resonating within a population at a particular point in time and, as such, can represent valuable primary sources for historical research.  Secondary articles, written by scholars and published in scholarly journals, are the building blocks for in-depth research and one of the primary means by which scholars and experts in a field pass on their theories, research and findings.

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