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Accounting: Company Resources

Public vs. Private Companies

Private company information is much more difficult to gather than public company information.  This is especially true as concerns financial information. Whereas public companies are required by law to disclose detailed financial information to the SEC (available from the EDGAR database listed to the right), this is not the case with private companies, which can decide for themselves how much information they wish to make available.  However, there are some courses of actions which can be taken to find private company information.  These include:

--Searching in Business databases (such as the ones listed to the right), which index articles from scholarly journals, trade publications, magazines, and newspapers.
--Searching in 
 Newspaper databases (such as the one listed in the "Getting Started" tab).
--Looking at the company's website -- different companies divulge different amounts of information -- from none at all to quite a bit.  Usually, if any information is available, it is hidden behind small print links with labels like "financial information," "investor information," or "fact sheets." 

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Company Resources

Company's Website - Almost all companies have websites which divulge varying amounts of information about themselves.  In most cases, they will not offer detailed financial information, but sometimes, in an effort to attract investors, they will give some hints.  Look for links for Public Relations, Marketing, New Products.  Often the links are at the bottom of the page and in small print.

Local Newspapers - Often local newspapers will cover smaller, private, regional businesses that do not make it into the national databases - (see the "Getting Started" tab above for newspaper databases). 

Kentucky Company Resources

Local Newspapers - the Lexington Herald-Leader and other Kentucky papers are available from Access World News; the (Louisville) Courier-Journal is available from ProQuest; other Kentucky papers are available from LexisNexis News.

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