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Non-English Resources in UK Libraries: Other Sources

Guide to finding books, DVDs, and journal articles in languages other than English.

Translation Tools and Services

The Internet provides access to a variety of language translation services. The services range from automated translation for a quick translation of a word or paragraph to links to professional translation services. Below are just a few of these services. You can find many more by going to a search engine and typing in "language translation online." There is a service for every need.

Library Catalogs and Gateways

The Internet provides researchers access to library catalogs from all over the world. These catalogs provide a wealth of unique materials.  Some of the materials may be digitized and readily available while others may require that you use the print copy. University of Kentucky Libraries provides physical access to this material by offering an interlibrary loan service.  While there is no guarantee they can secure the requested material, they are generally successful in fulfilling the requests.  This service require that you register as an ILLiad user and once you are registered, it is easy to make a request.

World Languages

Other Full-Text Resources

Institutional repositories provide access to research conducted in specific research institutions. This, along with a number of classic publications and even entire research library collections, has been digitized and made available over the Internet providing the global researcher with vast amounts of information from around the world.  Listed below are several gateways to these collections.