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Non-English Resources in UK Libraries: Database Interfaces

Guide to finding books, DVDs, and journal articles in languages other than English.

Database Interfaces

Many of the databases that are international in scope provide the opportunity to change the language of the search interface. You can check the help screen for information if you do not find it on the opening screen. WorldCat, EBSCOhost, and OvidSP all give the user the option to change the language of the database.  The searching still must be done in English, but the box labels can be changed to other languages. EBSCOhost offers the widest  variety of languages, while WorldCat and OvidSP are limited to a few languages.

Note:  WorldCat now includes articles as well as books. Look for the following icon:

                                                                                                                  Article Article
  :  Peer-reviewed
                                                                                                                       Language: English  

WorldCat:            English Interface            Translated Interface

EBSCOhost:        English Interface            Translated Interface

OvidSP:               English Interface            Translated Interface

MedlinePlus:        Offers search interfaces in over 45 languages

WorldCat English Interface

WorldCat Interface Translated

EBSCOhost English Interface

EBSCOhost Translated Interface

OvidSP English Interface

OvidSP Translated Interface

Languages in MedlinePlus