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New Product Development: Government Sources, Websites, People & Research Centers

Research Centers

Research centers can be an alternate way of obtaining information about areas of interest.  

According to it's website, the Marketing Science institute, "financially supports academic research for the development—and practical translation—of leading-edge marketing knowledge on topics of importance to business."


If you would like to find experts related to the marketing side of new product development, you should try looking for marketing associations through the electronic resource, Associations Unlimited.  Marketing associations have many members in the business world that are experts in their field. A link to Associations Unlimited is available in the "Directories" box under the tab "Directories, Handbooks, Geographical & Biographical Sources."  

Also on this page, in the box "Websites," is a link to the American Marketing Association's website, a great place to start your search for experts in the field.

Government Sources

The U.S. government compiles an enormous amount of data, so much that sometimes it is overwhelming.  The following sites contain important information for those interested in new product development; however, they are just a few of many government sources that could be useful.


The Internet has a plethora of information available for those interested in new product development in relationship to marketing.  When searching websites, be cautious and make sure the information comes from a credible source.  The following sites should be helpful for you.

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