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Lesbian Studies: Vintage Images

The research and study of lesbians.

Artstor - Subscription Database at U of KY

Lesbian Couple at Le Monocle, 1932

by Brassaï [pseudonym of Gyula Halász]

The Cleveland Museum of Art Collection

The Hunt for Vintage Lesbian Photograps

Vintage photographs of lesbians are highly valued and hard to come by.  While not rare, there is not a large number of such images. There are small collections, restricted collections, personal collections, and unaccessible collections. Of those few collections available online, duplicates will be found at each site. Most often the women in the pictures will not be identified by name. Access to images not available online requires a personal visit to locations such as the Library of Congress, Lesbian Herstory Archives, and other locations that contain the personal archives of lesbians, such as the papers of lesbian activist Anna Rochester that is located at the University of Oregon. Contact the organization/library before your visit. Copyright restrictions and usage permissions are enforced.

Epic Gallery: 150 Years of Lady-Loving-Ladies in the U.S.

getty images


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