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Reimagining Russia's Realms : Research Help

Guide to provide resources to support the A & S year of study on "Reimagining Russia's Realms" as part of the Passport to the World program.

Research Guides

UK Libraries has a number of research guides to help you find information on Russia and the former Soviet Republics. You will find a few of our general guides listed below.

Other Useful Information

Introduction to Searching for Information on Former Soviet Countries


The focus of the A & S Passport series for 2012/13 is on the former Soviet Republics.   The integration and interplay of the arts, history, literature, religion, geography, the social and environmental sciences, mathematics, engineering, and technology in these countries provide a wealth of opportunities for areas of research and study. UK Libraries has a rich and deep collection in these areas of studies and a number of librarians with the expertise to help you with your information needs. This page is intended as a starting point and not a comprehensive resource for you information needs on this vast topic.

Additional Sources for General Information

The sources listed below provide scholary information on a variety of subjects.

Subject Specialists in UK Libraries

The subject specialists (academic liaisons) are librarians who know the resources in a specific subject.  UK Libraries has a number of discipline focused librarians who are ready to help you.  The librarians are available by appointment and the list below provides the names of the specialist for the listed discipline along with contact information.

Country Information

General Information on countries: