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Master Gardeners: Wildlife Management

Resource guide for Kentucky Extension Master Gardeners and the community.

Information on Widlife Management

This page provides information on managing wildlife in your garden. You will find information ranging from how to attract butterflies to preventing problems caused by chipmunks and moles.

UK Libraries' Resources for UK Employees and Affiliates

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Attracting Butterflies

Want to Attract Butterflies? See this pamphlet on Attracting Butterflies with Native Plants.

Also see the links below for Creating Your Own Butterfly Garden:

Attracting Hummingbirds

"People have always liked the hummingbird, even esteemed it. The hummingbird's tiny size (male rubythroats weigh in at a whopping 3.03 grams—about the weight of 2½ paper clips!) is a big part of the fascination. But its brilliant color, dazzling aerobatics, swift flight, and personality also delight and entertain us throughout the summer."