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Education Abroad: Library Tools for the Traveling Student: 3. Re-Entry

Library resources, instructions for access, and library contact information.

Re-Entry Library Checklist


1. Cite your sources.

2. Complete more research if needed.

3. Reflect on your experience.

UK Writing Center

The UK Writing Center can help with the process of composing and communicating in all media, including essays, reports, posters, visuals, websites, slide presentations, and videos. They can assist at every stage of the composing and communicating process. Visit them in the library or online!


Now that you are returning from your Education Abroad program, there are still a few things you need to do to complete your experience. Write up the information on your sources, or you may need to conduct further research for your topic using secondary sources. You can also write about your Education Abroad experience as you prepare for future classes, graduate programs, or job applications.

  • Finish citations for sources gathered while abroad.
  • Conduct further research if necessary.
  • Reflect on your experience for future endeavors.

1. Cite your sources!

Create citations for any sources you accumulated while abroad. Remember that any memorabilia, correspondence, and journals entries are considered primary sources.

You can use EndNote Web or any of the Style manuals to guide you through creating a proper citation. Or you can check out the Library of Congress or Purdue OWL websites for citing sources. (Please note: There is a citation generator on the Purdue OWL site that is not free or recommended. See the list of recommended citation generators on our guide to Style Guides and Manuals.)

2. Complete more research if needed

Feel like you need a some background information on your topic or that you need more information to finish your research? Or maybe you forgot to write down the information on a source you would like to use in the future?

You can get in touch with your contacts from abroad to flush out missing information, or you can use UK Libraries' resources to do some background research. You can search the Research Guides by country (e.g., China) or topic (e.g., Business) to find resources you can use in your research.

3. Reflect on your experience

Now it is time to consider how your reflection on your recent Education Abroad experience can be used for your future. Why not continue your research on your host country by enrolling in an independent study with your department.

Are you considering graduate school? You can check out the GRE (Graduate Record Exam) resources that the library has available. You can also write about your time abroad as part of your entrance essay for graduate school or scholarships. Not sure how? Check out the resources in the Graduate School resources box.

Thinking of applying for a new job now that you have finished your travel? Education Abroad experience will look great on your resume! Check out the Resume and Career resources boxes.

Survey Reminder!

Now that you are at the end of your Education Abroad experience, please take a few minutes to answer the Library Exit Survey included in this guide.