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The I-LEARN Model: Home

Guide which describes and provides example of a learning model to support student critical thinking and research skills

Library Information

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Use of the I-LEARN Model

This example shows how the I-LEARN model can help you work through a topic.


Welcome to your guide for WRD 111

This guide will connect you with resources to find journal articles, newspaper articles, books, and other sources.

This guide is structured around the I-LEARN information use and learning model (Neuman, 2011).  The tabs above will take you through each step of the process of finding, evaluating, and using information.

Have any questions?  Just ask me or use the Ask Us service, as we're glad to help!


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About this Guide

This guide is part of dissertation research being conducted by Stacey Greenwell in Spring 2013.

Debbie Sharp created the original WRD 110/111 guide.

For more information about the I-LEARN model:

Neuman, D. (2011). Learning in information-rich environments: I-LEARN and the construction of knowledge in the 21st century.  New York: Springer.