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readcube: Using readcube

sponsored by the University of Kentucky Libraries


IMPORTANT: ReadCube has been cancelled. To request titles previously supplied by ReadCube, contact Interlibrary Loan.

readcube Assistance

Contact UK Libraries Electronic Resources for assistance.

Viewing articles through readcube

Once you have set up your readcube account, you can use one two methods outlined below to view articles from the selected UK readcube journal list. Find the articles you are interested in through a UK-specific database that indexes any of the UK readcube-enabled-journals  [e.g., Google Scholar (UK), PubMed (UK)] or go directly to the UK-subscribed Nature site [accessed from this guide or from the Libraries' website]. In UK-specific databases, use View Now at UK to find the link to; all readcube access will be on the site.

For example, to view this article:

Xu, Sheng, "Stretchable batteries with self-similar serpentine interconnects and integrated wireless recharging systems," Nature Communications, 4, #1543, 26 February 2013.

either click on the PDF link under the article citation on the site

or select the View Interactive PDF box below the abstract.


Both of these methods will lead to a view of the initial page of the article with the following option at the bottom of the screen:

When you select "Click for Article Access Options," you will be given two options to view the article.

1. Rent: 48 hour access to read the article online, no printing, no downloading.*
($6.99 charge to the Libraries.)


* You cannot “re-rent” the same article twice; athe second download will cost the same as the Cloud version (see below) and have the same access options as an intial Cloud purchase.


2. Cloud access: unlimited viewing; the article is printable, but it cannot be downloaded.
($12.99 charge to the Libraries.)

Once you choose a viewing option, you will be prompted to log in or register if you have not already done so: