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Arab Spring: A Selection of Books from the UK Libraries Collections: Print Books

The Art of Browsing

While technology and the creation of the online library catalog make searching for resources easier for us, nothing compares to browsing the stacks and finding materials you may have overlooked online. Broaden your horizons and expand your research the old-fashioned way--browse the following areas at UK libraries to find books on your subject:

  • B (Young Library - 4th Floor)Philosophy, Anthropology
  • BP, F, JC (Young Library - 4th Floor) Fiqh, Hadith, Quran Commentaries, Shiite, Sufism, Sunni Politics
  • DT (Young Library -4th Floor) North African Countries
  • DS (Young Library -4th Floor) Middle East Countries
  • HQ (Young Library - 4th Floor) Women
  • JQ (Young Library - 4th Floor) Public Institutions and Administration (Governments in Middle East)
  • KBP (Law Library)  Law
  • N (Fine Arts Library)  Art
  • NA (Design Library)  Architecture
  • PK,PJ, PS (Young Library - 4th Floor) Middle Eastern Languages and Literature
  • Z (Young Reference - 2nd floor) Print Journal Indexes

Here is an interactive map of William T. Young Library!

Arab Spring Book Exhibit in Young

This is a limted selection of the books featured in the main atrium of the William T. Young Library.

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Downtown Amman