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Web of Science: Results

The Full Record Page

Click on the title of a record to get the full record.

It shows more specific bibliographic information.

It can include an abstract.

In addition to being able to click a list of documents that have cited the record, you can also find the documents cited by the record.

Refining Your Results

A menu on the left-hand side of the results page allows you to refine your results.

  • Use the search box to search for a term among the results you already have.
  • Narrow your results by limiting them to specific research categories, document types, languages and much more.

Navigating the Results Page

Regardless of which search method you use, you will find the same type of results list. One of the most helpful features is choosing a criteria to sort the records by. This will depend on your purpose. Two common choices are by publication date and number of citations.

To the right of each record the database indicates how many times it has been cited. Clicking on that number will show you a list of all the records that have cited the initial record.

Clicking on the title of a record to see its full record. will take you to a new page that will give you more detailed bibliographic information about the record. On the righthand side of the record, in addition to the number of records that cite the current document, you will see how many items it cites and be able to view a list of them.

►Web of Science also lets you filter results by "usage count." This takes into considerations how many times a document has been looked at or downloaded. This can be especially helpful in finding important recent documents. Something published only a year ago may not have been cited much yet, but people may be reading it heavily. This filter helps you see which documents are being used, even if they aren't cited in indexed publications yet.


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