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Web of Science: Cited Reference Search

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Tips and Help

  • If you recieve too many entries from the Cited Reference Index, go back and add more fields to narrow your search.
  • Choosing "select all" will add the first 500 matches to your results.
  • In the Cited Reference Index, you can click "Show Expanded Titles" to see the full name of the journal, if applicable, and the title of the document.
  • You can use limiters on the left-hand side of the results page to reduce the number of records.

How to Conduct a Cited Reference Search

A cited reference search allows you to:

  • search for records that cite a particular document
  • search by author, publication, title and more

*Remember, this is searching what is listed in a document's citations, not the documents themselves.

This type of search is a two-step process.

  1. After entering your search, you'll see the Citation Reference Index. It lists all the citations that match your search. 
  2. Select the citations you want to see results for and click "finish search."

Cited Reference Search

cited reference search

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