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Nonprofit: Functions of a Nonprofit

Employee Base


Board of Directors

A Board of Directors is required for all Nonprofit agencies. Members are typically unpaid for being on the board but could receive a salary working within the organization as well. 

Nonprofits are not owned by one particular person, per se. Instead these organizations are run by a group of 4-8 people at the highest level of execution.

Why Do Nonprofits Start?

American Heart Association:

Six cardiologists found themselves realizing how unaware people were to the effects and prevalence of heart disease and stroke. In attempts to change the lives of those suffering through these conditions and to raise awareness, the American Heart Association was born.

To Write Love On Her Arms:

One man just wanted to tell a story about his friend, but once thousands of people began relating to the pain of addiction, depression, self-harm, and loneliness, a movement began. To Write Love On Her Arms now exists across the nation to spread hope and end the stigma. 

Newman's Own:

Paul Newman noticed that he had an availability of resources, including his famous recipes and some extra money, while many others were significantly lacking in resources. He said, "It started as a joke and got out of hand." After Paul Newman started selling his popular salad dressing, he decided to just donate all of his profits to charity. In no time at all, his small business grew exponentially. Because of his words "Let's give it all away," Paul Newman's foundation has provided over 430 million dollars to charity since 1982. 

The purpose of initiation can most often be categorized into one of the following: to address a need in the community, fight for a social cause, or to fulfill a charitable mission. However, people start Nonprofits for a multitude of reasons.



Nonprofit organizations thrive on volunteers. Here are some resources on basic knowledge about volunteers and how to manage them.

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