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Ann Rice O'Hanlon & The Memorial Hall Mural

Kentucky Kernel

2019: April 5. Kernel Opinions. "The O'Hanlon mural is painful, confusing and complicated" from Mohammad Ahmad in Kentucky Kernel.

2021: February 8. Simpkins, Haley. "Mural still standing months after promise to remove," Kentucky Kernel.

Lexington Herald Leader Articles and Editorials

2020: June 24. Letters to the editor. "Keep Mural" from Jim Robertson, Lexington in Lexington Herald-Leader, p.9A.

2020: July 7. Childress, Rick, and Morgan Eads. "Berry, artist tell UK to stop removal of mural," Lexington Herald-Leader, p.1A.

2020: July 12. Editorial/Opinion. "A History primer" from Donna Tickle Hewett, Lexington in Lexington Herald-Leader, p.2C.

2020: July 15. Turner, Bill. "Disappointed in - Wendell Berry's defense of 'disgustingly offensive' mural," Lexington Herald-Leader, p.11A.

2020: July 26. Editorial/Opinion. "Deeper problem" from Estill C. Pennington, Paris; "'Slam' on Berry" from Abby Wasserman, O'Hanlon Center for the Arts in Mill Valley, California; "Feedback fear" from Bronson O'Quinn in Lexington; all in Lexington Herald-Leader, p.2C. 

2020: July 28. Blackford, Linda. "Here's a fix to UK's endless mural debate," Lexington Herald-Leader, p.7A. 

2020: July 31. Finan, Christopher. "UK would destroy two works - of art if it gets rid of the mural," Lexington Herald-Leader, p.9A.

New York Times

2020: July 6. Jacobs, Julia. "Student's calls to remove a mural were answered. Now comes a lawsuit.," The New York Times.