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CHEER: Unique Cooking Tools

Project CHEER (Community Health Education and Exercise Resources) is an exciting effort focusing on accessibility of health promotion activities for individuals with varying levels of abilities.

Cooking: Skills and Recipes

Skills and Tools:

Your Special Chef is a collection of resources to help teach cooki´╗┐ng skills to individuals with disabilities. Each tool was chosen to improve food preparation skills and independence.

The Kitchn guide towards getting setup for success in the kitchen.

Easier Living has a great selection of kitchen aids you need to make your cooking experience easy and safe.


Recipes: Click on the links below

Roasted Chicken

Apples and Yogurt

Pasta with Tomatoes

Egg Pita

Cranberry Salad


Adaptive Cookware

Palm Peleler

The Palm Peeler is an adaptive and safer way to peel in the kitchen. This can be used on both fruits and vegetables. This device has a built in ring to fit right around the finger. This product can be found on for $6.99.

Chop and Grate

This hand held kitchen utensil can be used to chop up an assortment of different foods. It can chop up just about anything that will fit within the device. This is a self contained device that is dishwasher safe. The Chop and Grate can be found at for $9.99.

Carving & Cutting Board

This cutting board is state of the art, no more slipping and sliding all over the place. This cutting board will stay where you put it until you pick it up. This makes it safer and easier to use. The cutting board can be found at for $24.99.

Plastic Lettuce Knife

This knife is durable and safe, even with the serrated edge. Not only can this knife cut through lettuce with it browning or wilting, it can also be used for brownies and other non-stick items. The knife can be found at for $3.99.

Bag Opener

This makes opening bags a breeze, with the integrated easy slide technology. Not only is this a magnet, but it is easy to clean! The bag opener can found at for $4.99.