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Opera: Images

Barber of Seville : Berta (1985)

Music Division, The New York Public Library. "Barber of Seville : Costume : Berta" The New York Public Library Digital Collections. 1985.

Royal Opera at Versailles (c. 1770)

Jean-Michel Moreau le Jeune. View of the Royal Opera at Versailles. c. 1770. Artstor,



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New York Public Library

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Répertoire International d’Iconographie Musicale (RIdIM) is an international index of visual sources of music, dance, theatre and opera.

The Royal Opera House Collection Online

Material in the ROH Collections records the history of the three theatres that have stood on the Covent Garden site since 1732, and the performances that they have housed. The Collections are particularly comprehensive from 1946 and cover all activities including the work of the resident companies (both at Covent Garden and on tour), ROH2 and visiting companies.