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InfoKat Search Box

This clickable image provides pop-ups explaining what each tab searches on the UK Libraries main search box.

search box on UK Libraries website

What Does InfoKat Discovery Do?

InfoKat Discovery

InfoKat Discovery allows you to quickly search multiple library resources simultaneously.

InfoKat Discovery searches the majority of UK resources, including books, journal articles, dissertations, government documents, archives and special collections, images, maps, videos, music and open access content.

BUT, InfoKat Discovery does NOT include ALL of the journal articles available through our databases--some databases are not included in InfoKat Discovery.

If you are doing very specialized searching or wish to limit your search to a particular database, you can select the database of your choice using the UK Libraries' Databases search.

The UK Libraries arranges books by Library of Congress (LC) call number. LC call numbers begin with letters of the alphabet. For example, most books on language and literature are in the range of P call numbers.

If Young Library is the location, check the Young Library map to determine the floor and wing for each call number. The P call numbers (language and literature) are split between the 4th floor and 5th floor.

If a book is located in another campus library, be sure to note the library location and call number. Check our list of library locations and the hours for each library.

Tips for Searching for Music in InfoKat Discovery

Quick Tips for Searching InfoKat

♦Keyword Searching

This is the default search. A keyword search will search all the words you have entered, but not necessarily in the same order.

♦Keyword Searching & Boolean Operators

Make the most of your search by using Boolean operators and other search strategies listed below:

♦AND  OR  NOT (capitalize these terms in InfoKat Discovery)

Use AND to find records with both terms  haydn AND beethoven

Use OR to find records with one or both terms (this is a broad search!)  musicals OR operas

Use NOT to exclude terms "chicago symphony" NOT solti (note that you can combine other search strategies with Boolean operators)


Use quotes to search phrases → "hip hop"

Use quotes to search song and aria titles → "voi che sapete"   "new york state of mind"


Use a question mark to search a single character → sonata? will find sonata and sonatas

Use an asterisk to search more than one character → symphon* will find symphonysymphoniessymphonic, Symphonien

♦Advanced Search

Use the Advanced Search to search for authors, composers, performers, titles, and subjects.

For title searches drop initial articles in ALL languages.

For musical titles you'll get better results if you search using the title in the original language (check Grove's).

Search song and arias titles here and in the Keyword Search using quotations.

♦Browse Search

Use the Browse Search for subjects, authors, titles, and LC call numbers.

Search InfoKat Discovery

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