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IPA Source

The "Castel" Books : Opera

The "Castel" Books : Songs & Lieder

Call Numbers & Subject Headings

LC call numbers to search or browse

REF ML48--ML49   IPA transcriptions & translations
REF ML54.6   Individual composers
MT883    Pronunciation. Diction
P227       International phonetic alphabet

Subject headings to search or browse

     Phonetic alphabet
     Singing Diction

Quick Searches

In main search box on homepage type the following exactly as given here: ipa OR "international phonetic alphabet"  Use the filters on the left-hand side of the screen to narrow your thousands of results to online, in the library, articles, scores, operas, songs, phonetic alphabet, and more.

Do a title browse search for Vocal library. Most volumes in this series have IPA transcriptions and come with a CD that contain diction lessons.