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Brass Instruments: Organizations, Journals, & General Links

Basic resources for finding information on and music for brass instruments


The Historic Brass Society is an international music organization concerned with the entire range of early brass music, from Ancient Antiquity and the Biblical period through the present including the development of jazz and its influence on brass instruments, literature and playing techniques. The history, music, literature and performance practice of early brass instruments such as natural trumpet, natural horn, early trombone, cornetto, serpent, keyed bugle, keyed trumpet, early valve horn, 19th-century brass instruments are some of the main issues of concern to the HBS.

The HBS website contains:

  • Book, music, & recording review
  • Archived interviews
  • Articles
  • News & Events


The International Women's Brass Conference's mission is to educate, develop, support, and promote women brass musicians while inspiring continued excellence and opportunities in the broader musical world. Membership is open to all women and men who would like to support this effort. See their website for information on:

  • Conferences
  • Competitions
  • Employment


The North American Brass Band Association (NABBA) is an organization dedicated to the promotion and development of the British-style brass band movement in North America. Formed in 1983, the NABBA sponsors and holds contests, encourages the growth and development of British-type brass bands, both professional and amateur.


Historic Brass Society Journal

  • Published by the Historic Brass Society
  • A complete run beginning with v.1 (1989) can be found in the Lucille Caudill Little Fine Arts Library at ML933.H57
  • Access full-text online v.1 (1989)-v.15 (2003) at the Historic Brass Society--Publications--Journal