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Online Tools: Reusable Boxes (for library personnel)

An assortment of tutorials, videos, and tools to help students use library resources


All of the online tools featured on other tabs are featured here.

Library personnel can re-use any of these boxes on their research or course guides as these below are written to a student audience. Boxes on the other tabs are written for a librarian/faculty audience).

Creating Research Assignments

Creating Research Assignments includes suggestions for effective information literacy assignments & pitfalls to avoid.

Length: Approximately 6-8 minutes

Introduction to UK Libraries

Introduction to UK Libraries will highlight important resources and services that you can use as a UK students. This includes items like how to print from your laptop, how to use the View Now button to access articles, and where the libraries are on campus.                 

Length: N/A                                                                      

Library DIY

Library DIY is an interactive "self help" tool designed to help you with common library problems and questions. 

Length: N/A

Library DIY

Online Information Literacy Course

Online Information Literacy is a 40 minute, self-paced Information Literacy tutorial in Canvas, UK's learning management system.  Anyone affiliated with UK can sign up to take the course. This short course will help you gain valuable information literacy skills that will help you better your understanding of how to locate, evaluate, and use information.

Length: Approximately 40 minutes


Overview of InfoKat Discovery

Watch this short video for an overview and tips to get the most out of our new discovery system, InfoKat Discovery. IKD includes our library catalog plus additional resources, including content from some (not all!) article databases and local digital collections.

Length: 2:25

Background Research

Conducting Background Research is an important part of the overall research process. This quick video will give you tips on how to go about this part of the process.

Length: 1:06

Business Resources

Introduction to Business Resources includes an overview of primary business databases and tips about conducting library research on business subjects.

Recommended For: Business Students


Length: Approximately 10-12 minutes

Business Resources Tutorial snapshot

LIS - Intro to UK Libraries

While Introduction to UK Libraries is tailored to students new in the Master's of Library Science program, it can help you understand how the proxy server works when you're off campus, popular databases to use, and how to get in touch with a librarian.

Length: Approximately 10 minutes

Scholarly, Trade, and Popular Publications Overview

This Overview of Scholarly, Trade, and Popular Publications will help you understand the key differences between each of these source types.

Length: 2:52

Developing a Research Topic

Developing a Research Topic will give you insight into the process of what makes a good research topic and how it often evolves over the course of a project.

Length: 1:16

Finding a Known Item

This 90 second video will detail how to find a specific article and a specific book via UK Libraries.

Length: 1:37

LibX Browser Extension

The LibX Browser Extension (available for FireFox and Chrome, not IE) adds a button to your browser to search our catalog or re-load a page using EZproxy.

Length: N/A

Library Orientation Game

New to UK Libraries?  Or just want to test your library knowledge?  Try to collect all 25 books in this fun game, designed to reinforce some important library tips that will help you make the most of UK Libraries.

Length: Approximately 10-12 minutes

Library Jeopardy

Test your knowledge about UK Libraries services and resources!

Length: 3-5 minutes


Popular or Scholarly

Test your knowledge of the characteristics of scholarly and popular articles with this quick quiz!

Finding a Book on the Shelf

How to Find a Book on the Shelf provides a brief, basic overview of Library of Congress call numbers, provides practice putting them in order, and explains how to find a book in Young Library.

Length: 3-5 minutes

APA Reference Quiz

Short quiz for testing your APA citation skills.

Length: Approximately 3-5 minutes

Kopernio Browser Extension

Kopernio is a free browser extension that facilitates one-click access to the full-text of research articles.  

Kopernio finds available PDFs by searching both open access articles and the University of Kentucky Libraries journal subscriptions to find you pdf versions of an article. Then with one click you can access the pdf.

Caution: Kopernio works with certain databases and internet search engines such as: Google Scholar, Web of Science,  PubMed.

Library Tips Game

Library Tips is an easy drag-and-drop game to help highlight a few important tips about using UK Libraries.

Length: Approximately 3-5 minutes


Interactive Overview of Young Library

This interactive overview of Young Library shows the services, collections, and amenities available on each floor.

Length: N/A

Copyright Overview: Using Images

Copyright Overview: Using Images provides an introduction to copyright, public domain, fair use, and Creative Commons licenses. You will learn how to determine fair use of an image, why Creative Commons-licensed images are a good option to use, and look at examples of creative works.

Length: Approximately 10 minutes

Selecting Search Terms

Selecting Search Terms is a quick video that can help you understand which terms will best help you find resources related to your chosen topic.

Length: 1:29

Introduction to Scholarly Articles

Introduction to Scholarly Articles helps you learn about what defines a scholarly article, whether or not "scholarly" means "peer reviewed", etc.

Length: Approximately 6-8 minutes

Introduction to Scholarly Articles

Finding Book Reviews

While Finding Book Reviews is intended primarily for students in LIS courses, this can help anyone in finding book reviews, particularly those published before 1965.

Length: Approximately 4 minutes

UK 101 - Evaluating Database Results

This video, Evaluating Database Results, is helpful for understanding the criteria you can use in determining if an article is good to move forward with. The criteria is often referred to as the "CRAAP Test" because of its focus on Currency, Relevancy, Accuracy, Authority, and Purpose.

Length: 2:34

UK 101 - Research Tips

UK 101: 4 Research Tips in 2 Minutes is a great clip that will introduce you to the research process with some helpful tips.

Length: 2:06

Search Box Overview

This clickable image provides pop-ups explaining what each tab searches on the UK Libraries main search box.

search box on UK Libraries website

Academic Search Complete Search Results

This clickable image provides pop-ups explaining important elements of search results within Academic Search Complete.

Academic Search Complete Search Results

Academic Search Complete View Now

This clickable image provides pop-ups explaining important elements of a search result containing the View Now button within Academic Search Complete.

Academic Search Complete Search Results

Academic Search Complete PDF

This clickable image provides pop-ups explaining important elements of a search result containing a PDF of the article within Academic Search Complete.

Academic Search Complete Search Results

Assignment Calculator

The Assignment Calculator ​can be used to help you stay on track when working on a research assignment. The calculator will help you break your project down into manageable chunks with deadlines for each section.

Length: N/A

Search Builder

The Search Strategy Builder can help you build a search string that you can then plug into database search boxes to give you a more targeted search.

Length: N/A

Mobile Printing Help

This Mobile Printing Help tutorial takes you through how to get your device set up for printing in the library.

Length: 2:23

Using the View Now Button

The Using the View Now Button animation explains what this button is and how to use it when you come across it in library databases.

Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

For materials that UK does not own, Interlibrary Loan is a great service for you to be familiar with. This short clip about ​Interlibrary Loan explains what ILL is and how to request materials using it.

Boolean Operators

Boolean Operators are a great way for you to broaden, narrow, and refine your search results. This Boolean Operators animation illustrates what each operator does.

Selecting Search Terms

This Selecting Search Terms animation is helpful understanding the process of turning your research topic into helpful search terms in our databases.

Inspiration Station

Inspiration Station 

This site is designed to help students find inspiration for writing their first college-level research paper. Use the navigational tools to explore abstracts written by your colleagues – undergraduate students at UK! Browse subjects you are interested in to get inspiration as you plan your paper topic.  Then use the library resources for that subject area to help you find published research in that area. 

Inspiration Station image