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ICT 114: Composition & Communication in the Digital Age 1: Start Here

Fall 2018


This guide is a companion to your in-person library session and will introduce you to a few basic concepts about research at the University of Kentucky Libraries. In particular, this guide will help you find the articles for your SWOT Analysis Essay as well as other assignments that require books, peer-reviewed journals, and other sources. If you would like more in-depth information, check out the ICT research guide or consider taking this free, self-paced 40 minute course.

If you have questions about finding sources at any point for any need, feel free to contact your librarian or use the Ask Us service.

Developing Search Terms

When you have a topic in mind, it's a good idea to start thinking about how to describe it. This video and the tips below provide more information on developing search terms.

Search terms can be found by scanning:

  • Your initial topic ideas,
  • Encyclopedia and other articles used when conducting background research,
  • Article abstract and subject terms that may be assigned to the article

Background Information Helps You Develop a Topic

Students report that getting started is the most difficult part of the research process. Don't know a lot about your topic? Do a little background research to get an overview and provide context for your research topic;