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Horror Film: Film Resources: Articles/Journals

An exploration of the modern horror film, examining how we can successfully break down horror through a social justice lens.

Film Resources

Listed here are some examples of what UK Libraries has in their databases for horror film in particular. This will examine periodicals, journals, books, and documentaries that you can use when researching horror. Also discussed will be topics of what you can focus on when writing about horror, and where you can find more information for your topics.

Horror Books

Recreational terror : women and the pleasures of horror film viewing.

Call Number: Online

Published: 1997

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The dread of difference : gender and the horror film

Call Number: PN1995.9.H6 D74 2015

Published: 2015

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Horror film : a critical introduction

Call Number: PN1995.9.H6 L388 2018

Published: 2018

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Horror Articles and Journals

3 Rounds with Chucky - An "interview" with the famous killer from Child's Play, Chucky.

Do you Want to Watch? A Study of the Visual Rhetoric of the Postmodern Horror Film - Explores the psychological aspect of why we watch slashers and the questionable misogyny of the final girl trope.

Marketing, Monsters, and Music: Teensploitation Horror Films. - Explores 'teensploitation" in horror film through teen consumerism, the Hays code, and rock and roll music.

The French Horror Film Martyrs and the Destruction, Defilement, and Neutering of the Female Form. - Examines Martyrs through two lenses: the effect on the audience and the symbolism of the story, mainly through the role of the female body.

What Some Ghosts Don't Know: Spectral Incognizance and the Horror Film. - Looks at horror films in which, in the final moments, the protagonist finds out they have died, and argues that the film is a prolonged dying process.

The Foolkiller Movie: Uncovering an Overlooked Horror Genre. - Describes the concept of the "foolkiller" in slasher films, and brings about a new way to examine the motivations of killers.

Gangs and guilt: Towards a new theory of horror film. - Examining horror through the lens of child gang horror films, it argues that horror creates guilt as opposed to fear in it's audience.

The Cold War Horror Film: Taboo and Transgression in The Bad Seed, The Fly, and Psycho. - Examines Cold War horror films.

Reference Resources

Film Catalogs

Scholarly Criticism