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CE 586: Prestressed Concrete: Scholarly Articles

Fall 2019.

There are so many journals and magazines how do you know if they are scholarly or not?  While several databases let you limit results to "scholarly" don't be so quick to check those boxes!  Many are not differentiating between a scholarly journal written by researchers for other researchers AND trade journal articles written also for peers, but slanted towards industry. So how do you know which is which?  It's not hard when you know what to look for.  Use the chart below or the videos to help learn the key differences.

How to Read a Scholarly Article

Scholarly, Trade & Popular Publications

Help with Scholarly and Peer-reviewed Journals

Peer-reviewed Journals in 3 Minutes

Anatomy of a Scholarly Article

Scholarly articles in the sciences follow a particular format. You may not always see every part labeled, but the content will include the following:

ABSTRACT – a summary of the article

INTRODUCTION – a brief explanation of the research topic and why this particular research was performed.

MATERIALS and METHODS – How the research was performed

RESULTS – The results of the research. An explanation of what happened.

DISCUSSION or CONCLUSION – What do the results mean?  What is significant or important of them?  What was learned?

REFERENCES – The research of others that was consulted in the writing of this article.

View the example article below. Click on the labeled components to learn more.