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ANT 220: Introduction to Cultural Anthrolopology: What is an Academic Article?

This is the updated course guide for ANT 220 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology. Spring 2020.

Scholarly, Trade, and Popular Publications Overview

This Overview of Scholarly, Trade, and Popular Publications will help you understand the key differences between each of these source types.

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Anatomy of a Scholarly Article

Scholarly articles in the sciences are arranged into the parts below and usually the parts are labeled. Every part may not always be labeled, but the content will include the following:

ABSTRACT – a summary of the article

INTRODUCTION – a brief explanation of the research topic and why this particular research was performed.

MATERIALS and METHODS – How the research was performed

RESULTS – The results of the research. An explanation of what happened.

DISCUSSION or CONCLUSION – What do the results mean?  What is significant or important of them?  What was learned?

REFERENCES – The research of others that was consulted in the writing of this article.

Characteristics of an Academic (Scholarly, Peer Reviewed) Article

Introduction to Scholarly Articles

Introduction to Scholarly Articles helps you learn about what defines a scholarly article, whether or not "scholarly" means "peer reviewed", etc.

Length: Approximately 6-8 minutes

Introduction to Scholarly Articles

Presentation Review

Review information

What is a Scholarly Article and Why is it Important?

This 3-minute video reviews the elements of an academic (scholarly, peer-reviewed) article, produced by Kimbel Library.