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ANT 220: Introduction to Cultural Anthrolopology: How do I locate a book?

This is the updated course guide for ANT 220 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology. Spring 2020.

Archaeology - Browse the Stacks on Foot

Use the guide below to browse for books in specific areas of archaeology:

To browse antiquities and ancient civilizations, go to CB on the 4th floor, south wing.

To browse classical archaeology, go to CC on the 4th floor, south wing.

To browse prehistoric anthropology, go to GN700 on the 4th floor, west and north wings.

Find Books and More Through InfoKat Discovery

InfoKat Discovery

InfoKat Discovery allows you to quickly search multiple library resources simultaneously.

InfoKat Discovery searches the majority of UK resources, including books, journal articles, dissertations, government documents, archives and special collections, images, maps, videos, music and open access content.

BUT, InfoKat Discovery does NOT include ALL of the journal articles available through our databases--some databases are not included in InfoKat Discovery.

If you are doing very specialized searching or wish to limit your search to a particular database, you can select the database of your choice using the UK Libraries' Databases search.

The UK Libraries arranges books by Library of Congress (LC) call number. LC call numbers begin with letters of the alphabet. For example, most books on language and literature are in the range of P call numbers.

If Young Library is the location, check the Young Library map to determine the floor and wing for each call number. The P call numbers (language and literature) are split between the 4th floor and 5th floor.

If a book is located in another campus library, be sure to note the library location and call number. Check the map of the libraries locations and the hours for each library.


Need to search beyond the University of Kentucky Libraries?  Search to access catalog listings of holdings from libraries in the United States and around the world. UK-affiliates can make Interlibrary Loan requests through this database when on-campus or connected via VPN.

Questions?  Just ask us.

Biological Anthropology - Browse the Stacks on Foot

Biological Anthropology crosses multiple disciplines, but most of the books on biological or physical anthropology are in the same general area in several call number ranges.  Most of the books fall between the call numbers GN1-GN300.  All are located on the 4th floor, west and north wings. The breakdown is below:

GN 51-59         Anthropometry

GN62.8-265      Human variation

GN269-279       Race

GN 280.7          Man as an animal

GN 281-289      Human evolution

GN296-296.5    Medical anthropology

Search Tips

 To improve the quality of your search results, consider trying:

  • Wildcards/Truncation
    • Using a wildcard searches more than one form of the word.
      • famil* searches family, families, familial, familiar, etc.
    • Most common is *.
    • Two exceptions for UK Libraries are:
      • InfoKat Discovery uses a question mark (?)
      • Nexis Uni uses an exclamation point (!)
  • Quotation Marks - keep 2 or more words together as a phrase.
    • "kinship system"  searches for the phrase kinship system, not the word kinship by itself and not the word system by itself.
  • Boolean Operators - broaden/narrow searches
    • AND narrows a search
      • Cats AND dogs yields results that are each about both cats and dogs.
    • OR searches any of the terms
      • Cats OR dogs for searches for sources about cats and sources about dogs.
    • NOT excludes term(s) following NOT
      • Cats NOT dogs will provide results about cats that don't include results about dogs.

If you are not sure how something works, use the help or tips screen on the database, or contact  a reference librarian at or  (859) 218-2048..

(borrowed from Valerie Perry's Agriculture Research Guide)

Cultural Anthropology - Browse the Stacks on Foot

Cultural Anthropology crosses multiple disciplines but most of the books on cultural anthropology are in the same general area in several call numbers.  Most of the books fall in the call numbers GN, GR, and GT along with P, which is philology and linguistics. GN, GR, and GT are located on the 4th floor of Young Library in the west and north wings.  Philology and Linguistics are located on the 4th Floor, east wing.

GN 357-367         Culture and cultural processes

GN378-396          Collected ethnographies

GN 397-397.7       Applied anthropology

GN  406-517         Cultural traits

GN537-674           Ethnic groups and races

GR                       Folklore

GT                       Manners and customs     

P                         Philology, Linguistics

Request a Book

You are welcome to request that UK Libraries purchase a book. You can email your academic liaison, Kate Seago, with the request or fill out the Book Recommendation Form.

Interlibrary Loan

Book Delivery

You can request that any book in the University of Kentucky Library System be delivered to a library near you through the Book and Media Express Service. You will need to log in to your account to use this service. Us the Sign-In for more options link to sign in and make the request from any book record.