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Resources & Support for Digital Scholarship: Getting Started

DH skeptics, dabblers, inquirers, novices, experts, and scholars welcome! This site provides broad coverage of technologies, methodologies, resources, and scholarship in the digital humanities.


Please contact me for any of these services.


About the Guide

This guide includes 5 top-level pages.

  • Getting Started page features my services, new resources, videos explaining and/or demonstrating digital scholarship, feeds from Digital Humanities Now and the Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations, and my contact information.
  • Tools & Methods page includes curated lists of recommended tools for a broad range of digital methodologies.  The lists provide a brief definition of the method and tool as well as where to find it and links to tutorials.
  • Resources page contains citations and links to a number of helpful readings on digital scholarship topics.
  • Conferences page offers a curated list of recommended professional development opportunities. 
  • Data Sources and Data Management page includes lists of data sources for teaching and research.  They are divided into broad subject categories. 
  • Funding page consists of a curated list of funding resources and opportunites both internally to UK and externally.

If you have a question about this guide, are in need of any one of the services listed on this Getting Started page, or would like to suggest a tool for inclusion on this guide or a workshop, please contact me.

Digital Humanities Now

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Defining Digital Humanities

Feature: Digital Scholarship @ UK

Sally Ellingson - Assistant Professor, Biomedical Informatics, Markey Cancer Center 
Research focus: computational drug discovery



"Proportional Democracy" by Málfríður Helgadóttir. Winner of the 2017 WRD Digital Projects (Upper Division) award

Digital Humanities Librarian & Academic Liaison to History

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Jennifer Hootman
William T. Young Library, 1-15
500 S. Limestone Street
Lexington, KY 40506-0456
(859) 218-2284

Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations (ADHO)