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Disabilities: Accessibility Recommendations for Posters

Tips for Making Your Poster Accessible for All

What TO DO with your poster

To make a poster accessible:
  1. Start by typing your content into a word document.
  2. Use the accessibility checker tool to determine the reading level of your material.
  3. Use plain language at the third-grade reading level. 
  4. Use this document to build a more detailed transcript of your poster’s content:
  • Provide key points.
  • Provide other helpful information on any visual aids used.
  • Transcripts can be used for creating access through text to speech devices, or through utilizing a QR code or Beacon. 

Poster Size

Avoid crowding a small poster. Use a larger poster (36” x 48” recommended) and utilize more white space to improve access.

Line Spacing

Use 1.5-2.0 line spacing.

Font Type

Use sans serif typeface. Options include Helvetica, Verdana, Microsoft Sans Serif, and Arial.

Font Size

Title Size: Ideal is 158-point but should be at least 72-point.

Section Title: Ideal is 56-point but should be at least 46-56 point.

Block Text/Body: Ideal is 36-point font but should be at least 24-36 point.

Font Color

Black text with a light background is the easiest to read for printed material; if it is important to have many colors for aesthetic or other reasons, it is better to use combinations different from black text on white background only for larger or highlighted text, such as title headlines.

As a courtesy to red/green color blind, do not use these colors.

What NOT to do with your poster

Inaccessible posters tend to:

  • Be highly visual
  • Be text heavy with small font
  • Include technical language
  • Require individuals to feel comfortable standing next to the presenter while reading the poster

Accessible Poster Template with Columns

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