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* Education, Kinesiology & Health Promotion: EndNote

Here are the links to your tools for finding books, articles and more.

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Success with EndNote

EndNote X8 now available for Windows and Mac! Get the software for free from UK Download.  If need be, go to Help / Endnote Update.  Here's a little How-To book.

First:  make libraries, groups; edit them.

  • You can keep all your reference records in one big library.
  • You can use groups to subdivide libraries.
  • You can make multiple libraries, too, but this adds to the burden of backing-up, making copies, etc.
  • You can customize:  columns to display, order for sorting.

Second:  get your records.

  • either:  import refs (Export them from databases then import them to EndNote; often a database will make an executable file which opens EndNote)
  • with Macs it's best to use Firefox; otherwise you have to use EndNote to import the file / choose the Import Option that matches the database; failing that use RIS or EndNote Import
  • see the little how-to book for details on the workings of particular operating system + internet browser combos.
  • sometimes you can use EndNote to search the databases (connection).
  • you can add records manually, too.

Getting your records from EBSCOhost:

  • Export
  • Direct Export in RIS format or Direct Export to EndNote Web
  • Save
  • yes! we do have an ID and PW for an EndNote connection file; ask me / connection settings instructions
  • Do you need the EBSCO PsycInfo connection file?  Here 'tis
Getting your records from Web of Science Core Collection:
  • Send to EndNote or to

Getting your records from JSTOR:

  • Export
  • Download .ris file

Getting your records from ProQuest

  • Export / EndNote

Getting your records from Google Scholar :

  • Scholar preferences:  Bibliography Manager:  show links to import citations into EndNote
  • While you're there, be sure your preferences are set to show University of Kentucky Library Links so you'll get "View Now @ UK" or use Google Scholar UK; See these instructions for setting up Google Scholar to access additional online fulltext available to UK users.">instructions.
  • for your reference Google Scholar doesn't give you much metadata
  • import just one record at a time
  • use the filter "EndNote Import"

Getting your records from

  • Cite/Export / EndNote
  • Open .ris file using RefMan RIS (Reference Manager RIS) filter



You can also import PDFs, single files or entire folder.  With the EndNote desktop version only.  If EndNote can read the DOI in the PDF it will fill your reference record automatically!  See the little how-to book for details.



Update your references:  if need be, you can update your reference records

  • if possible fill the DOI field with the correct number
  • Highlight the references that you'd like to update
  • then References / Find Reference Updates
Looking for a DOI?  Search in Web of Science Core Collection or PsycINFO or ProQuest Education Journals for a record describing your article; you might find the DOI in that record.  (If you're following the APA style and get a hot-linked DOI you'll need to strip the URL aspects of the DOI and enter in your EndNote reference record just the plain-text version of the DOI number.)

Third:  apply output styles:  APA 6th

  • APA 6th:  To fix the capitalization problem: 
  • Apply the output style:  APA 6th-Sentence style
  • Henceforth you'll have to keep your capitalization preferences listed:  Edit / Preferences / Change Case
  • Manually lists terms such as United States, Great Britain, British, American, Tennessee, etc.
  • OR if not too many records need fixing, you could go to each record and fix manually
  • The manual routine goes quickly if in your reference record you highlight the article title then Edit / Change Case / Sentence Case
  • You can easily recapitalize proper nouns, etc.

Are you going to apply the APA 6th-Annotated style?  (For an annotated bibliography).  You'll have to tweak the style settings:  

  1. Edit Output Styles / Edit APA 6th-Annotated
  2. Click to get to Bibliography / Template
  3. Find Reference Type Journal Article
  4. Insert the pipestem character (|) after DOI and before the paragraph break symbol (¶)
  5. You'll have to do this if you're using any of the reference types first paragraph of which ends with a DOI or a URL
  6. Save edited version of style as APA 6th-Annotated Copy (or however you want to rename it)

Fourth:  write your ground-breaking paper!

  • Cite-while-you-Write in Microsoft Word, etc. 
  • It's tempting, but don't do it:  if you want to edit your citation once it's in your Word document...
  • use the Edit Library Reference(s) function
  • (know that when you CWYW insert citation you do have the option of excluding the author or year and of adding a "prefix" (e.g., "drop everything and check ") or a "suffix" (e.g., page number) in the in-line citation)
  • Lots of details and screen-shots in the little how-to book
  • More, more, more:  Format a bibliography or make subject bibliographies.  Annotate them!

Get full text of articles

  • "find full text" to add a URL or to obtain the .pdf;  EndNote will try to find some, but you'll be able to find some more on your own; then you can manually attach your pdf files
  • Edit your EndNote preferences to Enable OpenURL; use  this path  And add this URL for the authenticating:

EndNote web version

  • the desktop version comes with a powerful web version; if you only want a web account (with less storage) you can get one for free via Web of Science; once you access Web of Science Core Collection, across the top click EndNote, then click register.
  • differences between EndNote web and EndNote desktop
  • easy now to back-up your desktop library... simply sync!  
  • APA 6th Sentence style not available from EndNote Web... use the desktop version for this
  • no "libraries" per se; you use groups to organize your references
  • hey!  you can share your groups with other scholars:  just add them by e-mail address
  • no connecting directly to databases (unless maybe Web of Science Core Collection if you're on campus/VPN/remote desktop): must import the records
  • EndNote Web gives you the shiny "View Now @ UK" button and all of its zippy functionality, plus you get fabulous Web of Science Core Collection links
  • if you're not seeing the "View Now @ UK" ... log out of EndNote Web, then access Web of Science Core Collection ... in WoS sign in using your EndNote Web email and password ... then click the WoS link for My EndNote Web
  • to match your Web account to your desktop software... edit preferences / register an existing desktop purchase … or, when you install the desktop software it will prompt you to upgrade your Web account

Windows Manual

Mac Manual

Training Resources

EndNote knowledge base support site

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