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* Education, Kinesiology & Health Promotion: Zotero!

Here are the links to your tools for finding books, articles and more.

Your Quick Links

Get the app

Standalone app with browser extensions, or all-in-one version using Firefox

  • download your free stuff
  • Standalone for Mac, Windows, Linux
  • extensions for Safari, Firefox, Chrome
  • be sure that Firefox is set to remember history

Plug-in for your word processor:  add for Firefox (plug-in already installed if you downloaded the standalone Zotero)

Moblie version

Your Library, Collections, Group Libraries

My Library and Group Libraries can hold many collections.

  • Your items can belong to multiple collections
  • You can customize the columns to display

Making a group library and sharing

Your storage space

  • 300 MB for free; $60 per year for 5 GB


  • With a Zotero account you can keep your work synced across computers.  You should still back it up on your main computer!  More info here.

Getting records into your library

Get records from your web browser (wow!  so easy!)  Zotero's brain is loaded with translators to handle most every web site, database, etc.

Here's how the Zotero button looks in your browser.

Just use the Zotero extension function of your browser to get it all!  By default Zotero is set to scoop

✔ snapshots of pages (copy of the web page)

✔ PDFs (Zotero can't seem to get the PDFs from library databases... you could manually attach them?  EndNote does a better job with this.)

✔ URLs (if you don't get the PDF try the URL or try the URL that might glow on your snapshot... these might get you to the full article.  When you import a RIS file from a library database, for the items one of the child items might be a Full Text link.)

✔ tags

Get records from library databases

  • You can use a library database to export records in .RIS format / then use Zotero to import them

Get records from your old EndNote library

  • Export from EndNote using .RIS format

You can also add records manually

  • If you know the ISBN, DOI or PubMed ID number, you can add using those identifiers

Searching your library

  • to make your PDFs searchable, under Preferences/Search install the xPDF apps; rebuild index if necessary
  • if you use the Advanced Search form, the wildcard character is %

If a URL doesn't get you the full text, try again on campus.  Or, if you're off-campus, make your Internet connection via VPN.

Attaching files, Adding notes, tags, info stuff to your records

  • To include a PDF or any other file from your computer in Zotero, simply drag it to Zotero - you can drag to an existing item to make an attachment or you can drag it between items to store as an independent item.  In the Zotero toolbar you can also use “Attach Stored Copy of File” under the paperclip item or “Store Copy of File” under the green plus sign.
  • For PDFs that you have added as independent items, you can try to automatically download bibliographic data from the internet by right-clicking them and selecting retrieve metadata.  If Zotero was able to find a match on Google Scholar, you should be all set.
  • Attach notes to any item.  These are synced and searchable.  You can add a child note to an item or a stand-alone note.  You can add tags to your notes.
  • If using Firefox you can highlight text, right click and create Zotero item with highlighted text added as a note.
  • You can associate records (e.g., the chapters of a book) by using the item's Related tab.


Connecting with your word processing

Insert your citations, apply citation style

  • Install your plug-in, in case it didnt' automatically install
  • In Word find your Zotero toolbar
  • From there you can add citations, add your bibliography, edit them, refresh them
  • APA note regarding sentence case:  If necessary, go to the item in your Zotero Library, highlight the title field, right click and transform to sentence case.  You can recap any of the proper nouns, names, etc.
  • Get more styles from the Zotero repository.

Add references to an email, a Google Doc, or some other editor simply by dragging one or more references out of Zotero.

  • To add a bibliography, simply select items in Zotero and drag them into the document.
  • To add an in-text citation, hold the Shift key before dragging.
  • To use a different style, change your Quick Copy settings in the Export pane of the Zotero preferences.

 Or highlight items in Zotero, right click, then create bibliography.

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