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Education Abroad: Library Tools for the Traveling Student: 1. Pre-Departure

Library resources, instructions for access, and library contact information.

Ask a Librarian

Getting News About Your Destination

You can receive daily newspaper articles about your destination by setting up alerts in Newsbank.  Just follow these simple steps:

1.  Go to and choose Access World News (Newsbank) from the "Selected Databases" drop down menu.
2. Type in the name of your country or region and add any keyword if you want news about something specific in that country.
3.  On the results page click on Set up an Alert.
4.  Choose to create the alert as a registered user or without registering.
5.  Specify the frequency by which you'd like to receive your alerts
6. If there are new results, NewsBank will send them to you in an email.

You can find a video illustrating this service at:

Pre-Departure Library Checklist


1. Activate your UK Library "My Account".

2. Create accounts for:

   A. Interlibrary Loan

   B. EBSCOhost

   C. EndNote Web.

3. Save account information.

What is my library barcode?

Your library barcode is a 13-character barcode on your UK WildCard ID.


If you are a distance learner, you can request a UK WildCard ID using this form.

Browse the Travel Guides

Follow these easy steps to find guidebooks on the country you are traveling to:

1. Go to InfoKat Discovery.

2. Select Subject from the dropdown menu.

3. Enter the city, country, or region name followed by "Guidebooks."

   (e.g., China Guidebooks, Rome Guidebooks, Europe Guidebooks)

4. Click search.

5. Click on "China--Guidebooks" or the name of your country to see which guides are available.

Top 10 Country Destinations

Here are links to guidebooks for the top 10 Education Abroad country destinations:

1.     United Kingdom (England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales)

2.     Germany

3.     Spain

4.     France

5.     Costa Rica

6.     Italy

7.     Ecuador

8.     China

9.     Argentina

10.   Australia

Europe -- Guidebooks

South America -- Guidebooks


Before you depart for your Education Abroad program, there are a few things you can do to help make researching a little easier while abroad. To access your library account and conduct research while away from campus, you will need to activate and create your accounts before you go. This section will guide you through creating four accounts:

  • UK Library "My Account"
  • Interlibrary Loan (ILLiad account)
  • EBSCOhost account
  • EndNote Web

1. Access databases, e-books, and more!


You will need your library account to be activated in order to access library account services and for off-campus database access. It is easier than you think! Just take your UK Wildcard ID into any campus library and ask that your card be activated at the circulation desk.

Not sure if your account is activated or not? Try logging in to the My Account link on the library homepage or through InfoKat. To log in, enter your library barcode and last name, or select Student ID from the dropdown menu and enter the last 8 digits of your Student ID number and your last name.

2A. Borrow electronic articles through Interlibrary Loan, no matter where you are!

What is Interlibrary Loan (ILL)?  How do I use it?
Interlibrary Loan (ILL) is a service open to all UK students and faculty/staff to borrow materials that are not available through the UK Libraries. By 
having an ILL account, you can request articles not available at UK as you do research, and an electronic version of the article will be sent to your account by the lending institution.

You can place an online request through ILLiad, the ILL request system.  To request an item through Interlibrary Loan you must first create an account for the Library's ILLiad system. To do this, you fill out a registration form using your Web browser. This form will be available after clicking the “First Time users” link, reading through the provided information and clicking the First Time User bar at the bottom of the page. For more questions about ILL, please see the FAQ-ILL or the FAQ-ILLiad under the services tab on the main library webpage.

Download an instruction sheet below.

2B. Save your articles as you search!


Want to save your articles you found while searching an EBSCOhost database?

You can create an account with EBSCOhost to organize your searches by creating folders and saving articles during searches. This account is separate from your UK library account and will work with any of the EBSCOhost databases through the UK Library website.

You can download an instruction sheet on how to create and access an account below.

2C. Create and save citations using EndNote Web!

Did you know that as UK faculty, staff, & students you can get EndNote citation software for free from UK Download?

You can use EndNote to organize references, images and PDFs and create bibliographies in virtually any citation style required by leading journals. 
Available for both Macintosh and Windows users, the desktop version comes with a powerful web version; if you only want a web account (with less storage) you can get one for free via Web of Science; once you access Web of Science across the top, click EndNote, then click register.

You can download the Endnote Web Quick Guide Reference Guide below.

3. Save all your log-ins and passwords!

Don't forget to write down your log-in and password information to take with you on while abroad.

  • Take your UK ID or write down your barcode information.
  • Take a list of your log in and password information for your accounts.
  • Take the Library Contact page in case you have questions.