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EndNote AIC: Endnote

What to Do Before You Arrive At the AIC

- Be familiar with the computer you intend to use for EndNote, and bring that computer with you if possible


- Be connected to UK’s wifi network “eduroam”

          - link to instructions here

Basic Information

EndNote Overview
EndNote is a software program that manages bibliographies and citations. The program would be helpful to anyone who is creating research bibliographies, manuscripts, grant proposals, term papers or other publications. It is especially helpful for managing citations for research from the University of Kentucky subscribed databases, such as MedLine, Agricola, Biological Abstracts, etc.

EndNote FAQs

- How do I connect to the "eduroam" network?

- connect to the UK-WiFi-Help network

- go to and follow the onscreen instructions for your device's needs

- Where can I download EndNote Desktop?

- UK offers EndNote on their Software Downloads page found at:

- Then download the version your computer requires

- Where can I find the License Key?

- Located as a separate file in the EndNote folder on your computer with the name “Product Key”

- What is the difference between EndNote 8 and 8.1?

- EndNote 8 is a major release, with 8.x being a smaller release

- The university updates the software, allowing students to download the latest versions from the UK Downloads site

- EndNote Desktop vs. EndNote Online

- EndNote Desktop is the version of the program downloaded on your computer where you can save references

- EndNote Online is the light version that keeps all your citations online in the cloud

- How do I sync my EndNote Online with EndNote Desktop?

- For a PC: Click the Tools option in the toolbar and the Sync option in the middle of the dropdown menu. Then enter your EndNote Online credentials, and click OK. Depending on the size of your library, the process may take a few minutes.

- For a Mac: Click the Sync option from the toolbar. Enter your EndNote Online Credentials, and click OK. The libraries will then sync, but may take up to a few minutes.

- How do I save my references/where is the save option?

          - There is a manual save option under File then Save

- However, EndNote will automatically save any references you put into your open library

- What happens if I accidentally delete a reference?

- EndNote does not have a physical “delete” option, which makes it harder for you to accidentally delete a reference you have imported into the program

- To delete a reference, you can right click the reference, click Move References to Trash, then go into your trash folder, right click the reference you wish to delete and click Delete Trash References, which will permanently delete the reference

- If your reference does end up in the trash and you wish to move it back to your library, right click the reference and select Restore to Library, and the reference will once again appear under the All References tab

- Another way to empty the trash is to simply right click on the trash folder and the option to Empty Trash will appear for you to click

-  I can’t get my EndNote and Word to sync so I can input citations. What do I do?

- If you have downloaded Word through UK’s system before downloading EndNote, you may have to uninstall and re-install the program on your computer

- Otherwise, first start by opening a new Word document and making sure that there is not an extra tab across the top for EndNote

- If there is not one, the first step should be to restart your computer, since the programs may not have recognized each other on your computer

- After this, if Word still does not have the EndNote tab, un-install and re-install the program on your computer