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* Engineering: Off-campus Access

Primary guides for engineering students and researchers in all fields of engineering and technology

Into to Off-Campus Access to Electronic Resources at UK Libraries

This guide contains directions to accessing proprietary electronic resources while off campus.  These include eJournals, electronic databases and other resources which are funded by UK Libraries or through consortia agreements.  They are behind university firewalls to protect from non-authorized use.  This guide will provide several ways to access our proprietary materials.If you are still having issues even though you are using these methods, please contact me using the contact info on the "Getting Started" page in this guide. 

SPECIAL NOTE (01/17/2018):  Occasionally we have software that only work with certain browsers. If you can't place an ILL request, try Firefox. Other software may prefer Chrome. Even on campus you may need to use the proxy server, so try that as well. Contact me if you continue to have issues.  

EZProxy at UK Libraries

LibX & "Reload via UK" tools

Unfortunately, the LibX Browser Extension is no longer being actively developed and, while pervious installations may continue to work, it is no longer available for new users to install.  One of the best features of LibX was the ability for us to configure a version that would allow users to reload a web page using the UK Libraries proxy settings, providing access to articles and resources paid for by UK Libraries.  UK Libraries is providing a new bookmarklet for that same functionality.  To add the bookmarklet to your browser, drag the button below to your bookmark bar:

Reload via UK

(If your browser's bookmark bar is not visible, you will have to make it visible.)  To use this new tool, simply click on the bookmark ("Reload via UK") whenever you are visiting a web page for a library resource that you found through Google rather than by visiting our page.  That will reload the page with our proxy string, prompting you to log in with linkblue, if you’re not logged in already, and giving you access to the resource. 

Note that the bookmarklet may not work for some resources or with some browsers.  The tool will only provide access to resources we have license to access.  You may also want to consider installing Kopernio, which is another browser extension designed to facilitate access to library resources.  

​Recommended For: â€‹Anyone who would like to access library services

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