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Environmental Inequality of the Underprivileged

Helpful Books for a Starting Point

Databases for More Information

Getting More Resources/Information

This page is for anyone interested in materials to help them get started with sustainability or helpful materials for subjects that might be outside the area of this specific guide.

Books - Please use the Libraries Catalog for more book resources. It's fairly easy to use and has so many options for you


Databases - There are so many different databases here at UK! I'm sure I barely scratched the surface with this guide. There is ton of information to be gained there!


Other Guides - There are plenty of other guides that would provide amazing background and supplement information for this one. Please check them out if you have the time.


Librarians! - Also, you can always use the other librarians here at UK! There more than happy to help. They've been a great service to me in creating the guide and I'm sure they'd be more than willing to assist anyone else as well.



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