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Hebrew & Judaic Studies: LC Call Numbers for Hebrew and Judaic Studies

This page shows you how to get the most from our library resources for finding good information for your research projects.

LC Call Numbers for Hebrew and Jewish Languages: Finding Books in the Library

PJ4501-5192 Hebrew

  • PJ4543-4937 Language (Biblical and modern)
  • PJ4951-4996 Medieval Hebrew
  • PJ5061-5192 Other languages used by Jews
    • PJ5111-5192 Yiddish 

PJ5201-5329.5 Aramaic

  • PJ5211-5289 West Aramaic
    • PJ5211-5219.5 Biblical (Chaldaic)
    • PJ5229 Palmyrene inscriptions
    • PJ5239 Nabataean inscriptions
    • PJ5241-5249 Christian Palestinian
    • PJ5251-5259 Jewish Palestinian
    • PJ5271-5279 Samaritan
    • PJ5281-5289 Neo-Aramaic
  • PJ5301-5329.5 East Aramaic
    • PJ5321-5329.5 Mandaean

PJ5401-5809: Syriac

  • PJ5414-5495: Language
  • PJ5601-5695 :Literature
  • PJ5701-5709: East Syriac (Nestorian)
  • PJ5711-5719: West Syriac (Jacobite)
  • PJ5801-5809: Neo-Syriac dialects (Modern Syriac)

PJ5901-5909: South Semitic languages 

LC Call Numbers for Hebrew and Jewish Literature and Culture

PJ3001-3097: Semitic philology and literature

Hebrew Literature

  • PJ5001-5060: Literature
  • PJ5050-5055.51: Individual authors and works


Jewish Literature and Drama

  • PN842: Jewish literature in various languages
  • PN3035: The Jewish theater