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Immigrants+Allies Wikipedia Edit-a-thon - 2019

This guide provides information about the event, Immigrants+Allies: Wikipedia Edit-a-thon, and what you can do to participate.

Editing Activities

First, log in to Wikipedia with your username. (Start here if you do not have one yet.)


         [Simple]                                                                                                                [Complex] 


Download the step-by-step handout.

We can correct spelling errors in Wikipedia easily when we come across them, or we can search for common spelling errors directly. When you search for an error, start with the Wikipedia search page instead of the search bar, otherwise it might just correct your spelling.

Some good options for targeted spell-checking:

  • univeristy, libray, encyclopeida
  • any misspelling of a month or day of the week
  • any word that you commonly mistype (mine is "damange")

If you need ideas, check Wikipedia's lists of common misspellings.

Want to fix Wikipedia as the errors happen? Try out Lupin's Live Spellcheck.




Fixing Dead Links  


Fixing Reference Formatting  

Do you like formatting citations just so? You can tidy citations in Wikipedia, using templates built into their editor.


Citation Needed  

Download the step-by-step handout.


Contributing to brief articles (Stubs)  

Brief articles (stubs) may be new enough that nobody has had a chance to mark their unsourced statements as "citation needed," but we can still add citations!

  • Find a stub category that interests you, and contribute to one of its articles. Add citations, or new information (while citing your sources).
  • Category:Stubs - categorize these stubs into more specific stub categories.