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Japan Studies: LC Call Numbers for Japan Studies

This page shows you how to get the most from our library resources for finding good information for your research projects.

LC Call Numbers for Japanese Language & Literatures: Finding Books in the Library

PL501-889 Japanese language and literature

  • PL501-699 Japanese language
  • PL700-889 Japanese literature
  • PL700-751.5 History and criticism
  • PL752-783 Collections
  • PL784-866 Individual authors and works
  • PL885-889 Local literature

Japanese Language, Linguistics, and Writing

  • PL 501 General works   
  • PL522 Early works to 1867; History of the language   
  • PL525.2 Through 794   
  • PL525.3 Heian period, 794-1185   
  • PL525.4 Middle Japanese, 1185-1600   
  • PL525.5 Edo period, 1600-1868   
  • PL525.6 1868-  ; Grammar   
  • PL531.3 Classical grammar (Treatises and textbooks)   
  • PL532.5 Early works to 1867; Lexicography; Dictionaries; Dictionaries with definitions in same language   
  • PL674.5 Early works to 1867   
  • PL675 Works 1868-   
  • PL677.5 Chinese character dictionaries   
  • PL677.6 Chinese character glossaries, etc.