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Modern & Classical Languages, Literatures, & Cultures (MCLLC): LC Call numbers for Language Areas

This page shows you how to get the most from our library resources for finding good information for your research projects.

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LC call numbers for Languages & Literatures: Finding Books in the Library

  • P:  Philology.  Linguistics
  • PA: Classical philology
  • PB: Modern languages.  Celtic languages
  • PC: Romance languages
  • PD: Germanic languages: Old Germanic, Gothic, Old Norse, Scandinavian
  • PE: English
  • PF: West Germanic: Dutch, Flemish, Friesian, German (old to modern)
  • PG: Slavic &  Baltic languages and literatures;  Albanian
  • PH: Uralic languages (Finnic languages, Ugric languages, Hungarian, Samoyedic languages),  Basque
  • PJ: Oriental philology and literature
  • PK: Indo-Iranian philology and literature
  • PL: Languages of Eastern Asia, Africa, Oceania
  • PM: Hyperborean, Indian, and artificial languages
  • PN: Literature amd Drama, by genre and cultural sphere
  • PQ: Literature of the Romance Languages
    • PQ1-3999: French and Francophone literature
    • PQ4001-5999: Italian literature
    • PQ6001-8929: Spanish literature
    • PQ9000-9999: Portuguese literature
  • PR: English literature
  • PS: American literature
  • PT: German literature
  • PZ: Fiction and juvenile Belles Lettres (excellent for Language and Education majors preparing to teach languages and literatures in pre-K to 12 settings)