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University of Kentucky Faculty Publications on Migration: Journal Articles

In celebration of the College of Arts and Sciences' Year of Migration, this guide features University of Kentucky faculty publications on migration and related topics.

Journal Articles Published in 2013 and 2014

  Adkins, D., & Burns, C. S. (2013). Arizona public libraries serving the Spanish-speaking. Reference & User Services Quarterly, 53(1), 60–70.  Free online access

  Alcalde, M. C., & Quelopana, A. M. (2013). Latin American immigrant women and intergenerational sex education. Sex Education, 13(3), 291–304.  Access through UK Libraries

  Alcalde, M. C. (2014). An intersectional approach to Latino anti-violence engagement. Culture, Society & Masculinities, 6(1), 35–51. Free online access

  Alvarez, S. (2014). Translanguaging Tareas: Emergent bilingual youth as language brokers for homework in immigrant families. Language Arts, 91(5), 326–339.  Access through UK Libraries

  Ehrkamp, P. (2013). ‘I’ve had it with them!’ Younger migrant women’s spatial practices of conformity and resistance. Gender, Place & Culture, 20(1), 19–36.  Access through UK Libraries

  Ehrkamp, P., & Nagel, C. (2014). “Under the radar”: Undocumented immigrants, Christian faith communities, and the precarious spaces of welcome in the U.S. South. Annals of the Association of American Geographers, 104(2), 319–328.  Access through UK Libraries

  Janoski, T. (2013). The complexities of measuring naturalization rates in advanced industrialized countries. Comparative European Politics, 11(5), 649–670.  Access through UK Libraries

  Monroe, K. V. (2014). Labor and the urban landscape: Mobility, risk, and possibility among Syrian delivery workers in Beirut. Anthropology of Work Review, 35(2), 84–94.  Access through UK Libraries

  Perry, K. (2014). “Mama, sign this note”: Young refugee children’s brokering of literacy practices. Language Arts, 91(5), 313–325.  Access through UK Libraries

  Quelopana, A. M., & Alcalde, C. (2014). Exploring knowledge, belief and experiences in sexual and reproductive health in immigrant Hispanic women. Journal of Immigrant and Minority Health, 16(5), 1001–1006.  Access through UK Libraries

  Schwartz, S. J., Kim, S. Y., Whitbourne, S. K., Zamboanga, B. L., Weisskirch, R. S., Forthun, L. F., … Luyckx, K. (2013). Converging identities: Dimensions of acculturation and personal identity status among immigrant college students. Cultural Diversity & Ethnic Minority Psychology, 19(2), 155–165.  Free online access

Journal Articles Published in 2015 and 2016

  Alcalde, M. C. (2015). Transformative journeys: The impact of first-time motherhood on Mexican women’s migration experience in the US South. Chicana/Latina Studies, 14(2).  Access through ILL/document delivery

  Alcalde, M. C. (2016). Racializing undocumented immigrants in the age of color-blindness: Millennials’ views from Kentucky. Latino Studies, 14(2), 234–257.  Access through UK Libraries

  Brown, C. S., & Lee, C. A. (2015). Impressions of immigration: Comparisons between immigrant and nonimmigrant children’s immigration beliefs. Analyses of Social Issues & Public Policy, 15(1), 160–176.  Access through UK Libraries

  Córdova, A., & Hiskey, J. (2015). Shaping politics at home: Cross-border social ties and local-level political engagement. Comparative Political Studies, 48(11), 1454–1487.  Access through UK Libraries

  Johnson, L. (2015). Material interventions on the US-Mexico border: Investigating a sited politics of migrant solidarity. Antipode, 47(5), 1243–1260.  Access through UK Libraries

  Musoni, F. (2016). Cross-border mobility, violence and spiritual healing in Beitbridge District, Zimbabwe. Journal of Southern African Studies, 42(2), 317–331.  Access through UK Libraries

  Nagel, C., & Ehrkamp, P. (2016). Deserving welcome? Immigrants, Christian faith communities, and the contentious politics of belonging in the US South. Antipode, 48(4), 1040–1058.  Access through UK Libraries

  Nagel, C., & Ehrkamp, P. (2016). Immigration, Christian faith communities, and the practice of multiculturalism in the U.S. South. Ethnic and Racial Studies, 40(1), 190–208.  Access through ILL/document delivery

  Schueler, C. (2015). An administrative stopgap for migrants from the Northern Triangle. University of Michigan Journal of Law Reform, 49(1), 213–271.  Free online access

Journal Articles Published from 2017 through July 2018

  Brown, C. S. (2017). School context influences the ethnic identity development of immigrant children in middle childhood. Social Development, 26(4), 797–812.  Access through UK Libraries

  Dragojevic, M., Sink, A., & Mastro, D. (2017). Evidence of linguistic intergroup bias in U.S. print news coverage of immigration. Journal of Language & Social Psychology, 36(4), 462–472.  Access through UK Libraries

  Ehrkamp, P. (2017a). Geographies of migration I: Refugees. Progress in Human Geography, 41(6), 813–822.  Access through UK Libraries

  Ehrkamp, P. (2017b). Geographies of migration II: The racial-spatial politics of immigration. Progress in Human Geography, 1–13.  Access through UK Libraries

  Ehrkamp, P., & Nagel, C. (2017). Policing the borders of church and societal membership: Immigration and faith-based communities in the US South. Territory, Politics, Governance, 5(3), 318–331.  Access through ILL/document delivery

  Loyd, J. M., Ehrkamp, P., & Secor, A. J. (2018). A geopolitics of trauma: Refugee administration and protracted uncertainty in Turkey. Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers, 43(3), 377–389.  Access through UK Libraries

 Musoni, F. (2018). The ban on “tropical natives” and the promotion of illegal migration in pre-Apartheid South Africa. African Studies Review, 1–22.  Access through ILL/document delivery

  Smyth, A. (2017). Re-reading remittances through solidarity: Mexican hometown associations in New York City. Geoforum, 85, 12–19.  Access through UK Libraries


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