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University of Kentucky Faculty Publications on Migration: Resources

In celebration of the College of Arts and Sciences' Year of Migration, this guide features University of Kentucky faculty publications on migration and related topics.

Resources for Research on Migration

     A variety of resources are available for the curious-minded to learn more about migration and related topics.  Questions?  Ask UK Libraries


UK Libraries provides a plethora of databases that help you find and access scholarly publications on migration and related topics.  Below are the most relevant ones.  For assistance with your search, contact UK Libraries

Open Educational Resources

Thanks to grant funding, educators and subject experts have been able to secure financial support for the creation of openly licensed online educational resources to facilitate customization of teaching materials and to reduce textbook costs.  Listed below are some of the tools that index such resources.  For more information about open textbooks, take a look at this guide or ask UK Libraries

Books and Multimedia Resources

A wealth of contents in various formats are available from UK Libraries.  You can find them by using the resources on the list below.  If you need assistance, contact UK Libraries

Free Online Resources

An increasing number of academic information resources are freely accessible online.  The ones listed below may be of interest.  Questions about them can be sent to UK Libraries