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Open Educational Resources

This guide provides an overview of alternative textbooks (open educational resources) and offers assistance with finding, adopting, and creating them. © 2016-2021 University of Kentucky Libraries. Licensed with CC BY-SA 4.0.

Alternative Textbook Grant Program 2023

Thanks to the Alternative Textbook Grant Program Advisory Board's evaluation of the submitted proposals, the University of Kentucky Libraries has concluded this year's Alternative Textbook Grant Program.  The 10 grant recipients are as follows:

Grant Recipients (Sorted by Last Name) Department and College Grant Category
Ruth Brown Department of Hispanic Studies, College of Arts and Sciences Adoption/Adaptation
Alejandro Dellachiesa Department of Economics, Gatton College of Business and Economics Adoption/Adaptation
Lisa Enright School of Information Science, College of Communication and Information Adoption/Adaptation
Andrea Friedrich Department of Psychology, College of Arts and Sciences Adoption/Adaptation
Will Gerken Department of Finance and Quantitative Methods, Gatton College of Business and Economics Creation
Regina Hannemann and Sen-Ching (Samson) Cheung Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Stanley and Karen Pigman College of Engineering Creation
Jeongyoon Lee Martin School of Public Policy and Administration, Graduate School Adoption/Adaptation
Laura Manning Department of Modern & Classical Languages, Literatures & Cultures, College of Arts and Sciences Creation
Martina Vasil School of Music, College of Fine Arts Creation
Martha Yip Department of Mathematics, College of Arts and Sciences Adoption/Adaptation

This video fills you in on what grant recipients and students think about the Alternative Textbook Grant Program.  If you have questions about alternative textbooks or the Grant Program, feel free to contact:

Stephen Krueger
Affordable Course Content Librarian
University of Kentucky Libraries

Inquiries about the availability of alternative textbooks in particular subject areas can be sent to the academic liaisons of the concerned subject areas or to Stephen Krueger.