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Virtual Alternative Media Project (VAMP): About VAMP

A research guide to online alternative media resources.

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A Note About Journal Access

Please note: Journals listed here sometimes point to a page that gives you limited access to full-text.

For more complete online access to the full-text of these publications, consult E-Journals A-Z
(full-text restricted to UK on campus access or proxy access off-campus).

Virtual Alternative Media Project: Its Beginnings

Begun and maintained by Dr. Ramona R. Rush, Ph.D, Professor Emeritus of Communications, University of Kentucky

[Dedicated to Dr. Donna Allen, 1920-1999, founder of the Women's Institute for Freedom of the Press and activist for alternative/independent media.]

Thanks to Rob Aken, Jesse Fox, students in CJT 719 and 419 Spring 2000, and all students over the years who have contributed to VAMP because they studied and understood its importance.

Social Criticism Review

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