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CIS 110: Composition and Communication : Start Here

First in a sequence of two courses that focus on developing students' abilities to communicate ideas effectively using written, oral, visual, and electronic forms. Fall 2017.

Your Research Assignment: Informative Essay

This guide is designed to help you with library research associated with this course, particularly the Informative Essay.
 For this assignment,  you need to select one of the 3 Essay Options below:

  • Compare/Contrast Cultures, using the research of Hofstede to understand similarities and differences 
  • Compare/Contrast Leadership Styles, based on the concepts of transformational leadership 
  • Compare/Contrast Relational Dialectics, applying the research on interpersonal relationships

Then you will do your own additional research for other credible sources of information.

  • Locate and read at least 5 additional sources of credible research on your selected topic.
  • Evaluate the sources for their relevancy to your topic 
  • Synthesize your readings and integrate relevant elements into your essay

The resources in this guide will help you with this assignment.  If you have questions or need more information, please Ask Us!

Developing A Research Topic

Assignment Calculator

Use the Assignment Calculator to calcuate how much time you need to devote to each step of your research project.