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Non-English Resources in UK Libraries: DVDs/Videos and other non-print resources

Guide to finding books, DVDs, and journal articles in languages other than English.

Finding non-print materials

University of Kentucky Libraries' catalog and WorldCat include resources in many formats. You can locate DVDs, microfilm, e-books and more by using the advanced search tab and indicating your subject, language and format.

InfoKat Examples:                                                                              

  •    E-books: E-books do not have a call number; they are given the location of "Internet resources".  By choosing this location, combined with your keywords and language, you can find e-books in languages other than English.
  •    Maps, Music: In addition to books there are other printed resources that are cataloged.  These resources are given a different material "type" so you can pull them out of the catalog. If you wanted a map of Berlin in German, you could combine the keyword Berlin with the language German and type Map to pull out the resource.
  •    Videorecordings: DVDs and videos are in a different "format" and are given the designation "videorecording".
    • You can find DVDs in other languages by using the keyword, language, and format combination in your searching.
    • You can also use the "location" designation "Young Media Library" to locate DVDs.
    • Another way you can find DVDs is to use the format "videorecording" as a keyword and select your language in the language field. This strategy will pull up all "videorecordings" that are produced in the designated language.
  •    Microforms (Microfilm and Microfiche): Microforms are also a unique "format," and you can find materials in either microfilm and microfiche by using the keyword, language, format combination in your searching.

  WorldCat Formats

      WorldCat provides similar options on its advanced search screen. WorldCat does not provide a microforms options for "type" of material.

Maps, Music, and Other Formats


Videorecordings by Location

Videorecordings Using Keyword

WorldCat Options