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ART 301: Fine Arts Research Papers: Need artist inspiration? Websites on contemporary artists

Spring 2021

video collections with artists and curators

Sometimes it is nice to hear artists speak about their work in their own voice, via video. Watching video is also a great way to hear the correct pronunciation of artists' names.

find artists' information

In addition to artists' own websites, another great place to look for information on artists is their galleries. Often, the gallery will post images, detailed bibliographies, exhibition records, and biographical information on the artists they represent. Some artists do not maintain their own websites, and instead let their galleries serve as their authoritative web presence instead.


An example of an artist's website:


An example of a gallery's website:

local contemporary art

art world news

Here are several big, daily news sites that cover the contemporary art world:

direct links to big festivals, biennales, & fairs

The way global contemporary art is exhibited, promoted, bought, and sold:

general search results

There are a number of commercial websites that offer information about artists and images of artworks in order to help potential buyers learn about them. Dealers, galleries, and art fairs pay these sites for the exposure and sometimes pay for ads on the sites as well, so they are definitely for-profit, non-scholarly sites. You would not want to cite any of the information found here as a source for an academic research paper, but sites like this can be very useful for discovering contemporary artists, finding dates, and determining gallery affiliations.

artists' biographies - finding proper names