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Library course guide to support BST 230.


If you have questions or need help, please use the contact links below to get in touch with me.  -Beth

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If you get stuck as you're working on your library research, please ask for help! That's why we're here. Use the options above to access help, or use the Ask Us button below to talk with a librarian via Chat:

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Your "Literature Summaries" assignments

In this course, you are asked to find examples of reports or research papers that include each statistical test you are studying.  You can use library resources (article databases) for this assignment, but you may have to do a different kind of search than what you may have done for other classes.  Library databases are designed to help researchers find articles that focus on or address a particular subject.  Most library databases do not search the full text of the article, but rather search specific fields that describe the most important elements in the article.  (The title, the abstract, the subject terms, etc.)  While all research papers will describe the statistical tests used to analyze the results, the specific test used may not be included in a subject field or mentioned in the abstract.  It will be mentioned in the Results section of the full-text of the article or report.  

I will suggest a couple of strategies here.  Please contact me, a Medical Center librarian, or use the Ask Us service if you need help!

Article databases can be found on the library website ( or use the links below to try the databases I recommend.  

  1. Try searching for the particular test as a subject term.  Academic Search Complete (a good general Example subject searchacademic database) does include some statistical tests in the subject fields.  Try a search and see if you get results.  If not, you may have to tweak your search words.  (See the example at right.  In this case ANOVA is not used as a subject term, but Analysis of Variance is.)

  2. You may also try searching the Full Text.  Not all databases do this.  Academic Search Complete does.  Instead of choosing "SU Subject Terms" from the drop menu, choose "TX All Text" instead.  Google Scholar will also search the full text.  

When looking for library databases, be sure to start at the library website or use the links below!  Those links are configured for off-campus access.  (If you are off campus, you may need to log in using your linkblue credentials.)  The Google Scholar description includes instructions for setting up your access to include all the full text articles you can get through UK's subscriptions.  If UK has access to the full text from one of our library databases, following those instructions will allow you to access it.  

Your assignment requires you to critique the use of the statistical test.  So you may want to add terms to your search to find articles on a subject that you have some background in.  If you need help, please contact me or use the Ask Us service to contact a librarian.


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