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HIS 121 - War and Conflict Research Guide: Home

This guide was compiled for Dr. Abney's HIS 121 course (Fall 2020), which focuses on WWI and WWII. The guide includes digitized resources from the Special Collections Research Center, with a focus on this era of conflict. Most of these resources involve K


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Additional Information about UK SCRC



(UK Students celebrate the end of World War II, 1945  - UK General Photographic Prints)

Hello HIS 121 students! It is a supreme disappointment that we were not able to do this exercise in person. I am extremely grateful to be able to offer you this experience to do archival research in this digital format. In accordance with the requirements of your final project, this resource guide is meant to provide you with quick links to relevant resources related to World War I and World War II. Below you will find more information about what UK's Special Collections Research Center (SCRC) is, and the areas in which we serve campus. On the sidebar you will find my contact information, as well as links to additional resources and information about the SCRC. I have tried to keep this guide simple and compact. In the "Resources" tab you will find a long page with all of the digitized resources to use for your project broken up by category. I also include a short description for most of the resources so that you can place them in the context of your course. 

I cannot encourage you enough to ask for help throughout this process! I know that this is the first time many of you are working this closely with primary or archival sources, so I am always available to answer questions or help you with your research. We will discuss this guide during my class visit with you, but just know that my (digital) door is always open if there is anything I can possibly do to help you.

What are special collections?


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Welcome to the world of archival research! Special collections libraries are a special type of library, usually called an archive(s). The Special Collections Research Center at the University of Kentucky is your local gateway to engaging research and scholarship by investigating the past and interrogating the present. The Special Collections Research Center sustains the Commonwealth's memory and serves as the essential bridge between past, present and future. By preserving materials documenting the social, cultural, economic and political history of Kentucky, the SCRC provides rich opportunities for students to expand their worldview and enhance their critical thinking skills. SCRC materials are used by scholars worldwide to advance original research and pioneer creative approaches to scholarship.